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Is a logging career in your future?

Modern forestry requires logging, reforestation, road building, transportation, environmental protection and fires and fuels management expertise to bring timber to market. A wide variety of jobs, requiring unique skills, are available in our industry to those who enjoy working outdoors and are willing to try new things. This could be your new office!


The 2023-2024 scholarship winners talk about what it means to them.

The Pacific Forest Foundation is a nonprofit foundation formed in 2003 and dedicated to public education about forests and forestry issues.The Pacific Forest Foundation programs provide information about a balance between forest management with environmental protection. Sustainable forest production is critical to providing important wood products and also protecting the forest from wildfire.


Help your students explore a variety of different forestry occupations and locations on our new careers page.

The Pacific Forest Foundation (PFF) scholarship program is offered to students who are studying in forestry related areas. PFF will accept applications starting on January of each year. The applications must be received in the PFF office no later than May 1st of the same year.

Scholarship Winners




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