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The Pacific Forest Foundation is a nonprofit foundation formed in 2003 and dedicated to public education about forests and forestry issues.The Pacific Forest Foundation programs provide information about a balance between forest management with environmental protection. Sustainable forest production is critical to providing important wood products and also protecting the forest from wildfire.

The Pacific Logging Congress is an association of representatives from the forest management side of the forest industry in the Western United States and British Columbia. Membership consists of managers, owners of logging companies, lumber mills or forest products companies, manufacturers and forestry equipment dealers.

Historically, PLC was a combined equipment show and convention where the newest logging equipment and supplies were exhibited. Meetings were held with educational and informational presentations about the logging industry from safety to logging techniques and political activities were also heard.

Today, Pacific Logging Congress and Pacific Forest Foundation have a strong priority on educating students, teachers and the public about timber harvesting and forestry. In 1997 PLC produced a video, brochure, lesson plan and an exhibit that has been displayed at teacher science fairs and industry conferences throughout the Western US and Canada. The "It Takes a Tree" program continues to be used throughout the United States and Canada today.

Pacific Logging Congress and Pacific Forest Foundation: Education is our Main Focus & Commitment

In 2008 the PLC and PFF responded to a concern that is facing our industry; the shortage of forestry labor by producing a 7-minute job recruiting DVD targeting career-oriented young people. The DVD project takes viewers on location to various logging sites where "our people tell our story". Our target audience is high school students through young adults searching for a career in our industry. The DVD titled, "This is My Office" was unveiled at the 100th Anniversary of the PLC in November of 2009.


Every 4-years the PLC hosts the "Live In The Woods" show, where equipment manufacturers demonstrate their products in an actual logging operation format. At past "Woods Shows", PLC has hosted over 3,000 students, teachers and parents over a 2-day period. They view the safest and most environmentally advanced logging methods available.

​Plans are underway for the 8th "Live In The Woods" show will be held in Oregon in September of 2018.

Today, Pacific Logging Congress and Pacific Forest Foundation have a strong priority on educating students, teachers and the public about timber harvesting and forestry.

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